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Momma Strong

Momma Strong

One of my self-care items is intentional movement and I gotta give a shout out to MommaStrong on this one.

This program is AMAZING.

A friend of mine gifted me my first month and I’ve been hooked for 3 months. I’ve showed up for myself for 3 months of the MommaStrong challenges. I’m very proud of myself.

The challenge rules are super flexible and there’s also special content each month.

The values of MommaStrong are ones that I wish all fitness programs would adopt.

They value function over aesthetics and they teach you to have self-compassion and keep showing up for yourself no matter how messy and imperfect it is.

There are also a lot of different exercises specific to any pain you might be experiencing.

If you are struggling with keeping a daily intentional movement practice, then check out the September challenge starting next Monday.

It’s super affordable too, only $5 a month!