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Moms and Kids Discussion

Moms and Kids Discussion

I did a new thing!  🙂 I did a Facebook Live with Northshore Parent.  You can watch the video at the link below and I’ve also but a recap below:

Katy and I met in my kitchen to talk to moms about feeding themselves and their kids.  

Where am I from and how did I get to the Northshore?

My Response:  I’m from a little town called Paradis in St. Charles Parish.  I went to UL-Lafayette for school and lived there for a while.  After getting married and wanting to start a family, my husband and I chose the Northshore.  We love that everything we need is so nearby.  

We talk about dieting and getting out of the diet mindset

My Response: We discussed how diets don’t work.  In fact, 90-95% of diets don’t work.  Usually losing weight is the measurement used to determine if a diet is working or not. Most people initially lose some weight but end up gaining even more after they end the diet. 

How do you know if you are in a diet mindset?

My Response: Do you avoid certain foods? Do you often say I was bad over the weekend and now I’m starting over on Monday? Do you use the scale everyday? Do you have a little celebration when you get on the scale and see you’ve lost weight or have a pity party if you’ve gained weight?

It’s about restriction.  Are you not allowing certain foods?  Are you suppressing hunger and not allowing yourself to get hungry?
We discussed how this mindset isn’t something we want to pass along to our kids.  I mentioned that we can only take our kids as far as we’ve gone ourselves.  We need to work on our mindset around food then we can help our kids. 

We discussed how we all want our kids to eat healthy and what are some ways we can get kids to get the foods we want them to eat. 

My Response: As parents, we need to have realistic expectations for kids and food.  They have their entire childhood to learn how to eat like we do.

We need to look at it from their perspective and understand that could be scary for some kids.  It’s a new experience to try different kinds of food.  
As parents we need to get rid of the pressure for them to eat at meal times. It could take 20-30 tries for some kids to like a new food and this is without pressuring them to eat it.  This process could also take years, so relax 🙂 

How do I feel about the clean plate club?

My Response: This teaches kids not to trust themselves with food and not to trust their internal hunger/fullness cues.  

What happens if I serve my kids grilled chicken breast and they won’t eat it?  Should I supplement something else.  

My Response: I mention Ellyn Satter’s model, which is the Eating Competency model that I use with parents. In the model, the parents are in control of what, where and when of feeding and the kids are in charge of if they eat and how much they eat.  It’s a trust model instead of a control model.

It’s also perfectly normal for kids to stop eating foods that the have been eating for a while.  They will come back to them without you needing to pressure them.

We talked about making the meal time more about the family than about the food and that kids don’t really need to have nutrition lessons at the table.  

How do we as moms eat for energy?

My Response: Definitely make sure you are getting enough sleep and not relying on caffeine to function.  

You can also balance your blood sugar for more stable energy and that starts with balancing your plate.  If you include a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates then this can set you up for more stable energy.  

We talked about not fearing fat and how when you take the fat out of foods, typically sugar is added to make it taste good.  Fat makes food taste good and helps with satiety.  We talked about choosing full fat, whole milk yogurt, full fat cheese, guacamole and hummus as some snack options.  You can add granola, local honey and some berries to the full-fat yogurt.  

Her final question was about a mom wanting to put her 9 year old daughter on a diet.  She mentioned that kids at this age usually are a little heavier which can cause moms to worry and want to put them on a diet.  

My Response: I don’t recommend a diet for a 9 year old.  I believe that more restriction will lead to more overeating and being preoccupied with food.  I also mention that parents should be more accepting of their child’s body the way it is.  I also want to mention something that I didn’t say in the video, but it’s important to review the growth chart with your doctor and if your child has shot off the charts, you can work with your doctor to make sure there isn’t anything medically going on.