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Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Measuring success when it comes to a non-diet approach looks very different than the conventional diet and weight loss approach.

It can be a little uncomfortable at first because you don’t feel like you are doing it right if you aren’t tracking your food, weight, macros or points.

Spoiler alert, your fitness tracker can also be a pretty negative thing if you feel bad because you haven’t gotten enough steps/movement in for the day. I had to give up my sleep tracker for now because I was letting it tell me if I was well rested or not.

It’s very freeing to go this route but it also requires a lot of trust in yourself. It goes against conventional norms and that can feel hard at first. It does get easier.

The thoughts about weight loss, good/bad food, body bashing, body comparisons and guilt around food do eventually come around less frequently.  

Then you are left with a lot more time and energy to spend on more important things and you gain peace and freedom around food and your body. 

Here are some examples from one of my amazing clients after doing this work for a month. I’m so proud of her and the hard work she’s putting in to change her mindset around food and her body.

  • Hasn’t tracked a calorie, point, macro, step or workout all month
  • Hasn’t weighed herself
  • Hasn’t gone to bed feeling sick or stuffed
  • She’s listening to her body
  • She’s working out without killing herself
  • She’s actually eaten less food
  • Stopped talking about food being good or bad
  • Talking through the thoughts and feelings she assigns to food and her eating habits

Imagine how your holidays would be this year if you worked on changing your mindset around food and your body?  You wouldn’t feel the need to go on a diet January 1st, you probably won’t overeat as much as you would normally, you wouldn’t guilt around what you ate over the holidays and you would enjoy the holidays a lot more.   

I’d love to work together to help you make peace with food and your body before this holiday season gets going.  

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