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Food Rules

Food Rules

Beyond thinking about what you want to eat and planning meals, are you also spending time arguing with yourself about what you SHOULD eat and why you SHOULDN’T eat certain things?  

You might negotiate with yourself and think “well I had a big lunch, so now I SHOULD have a small dinner”.  

Maybe you tell yourself you can eat something “unhealthy” but you’ll have to burn it off after you eat it.

Let’s say you are presented with a tray of warm chocolate chip cookies:

You might really want a cookie, but some of your food rules might be…

I can’t eat the cookies, they have too much sugar.
Cookies are unhealthy
Carbs are bad
I’ll blow my diet if I eat it
I won’t be able to stop once I start eating them
I ate cookies yesterday so I can’t have one today

*checks phone app* I ran out of points/exceeded my carbs/calories for today

What if you trusted yourself to know what and how much to eat without all of the unnecessary arguing and negotiating with yourself?

It’s possible and awareness is one of the first steps in making peace with food.