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Enjoyable Movement

Enjoyable Movement

Movement is a way to reconnect with our wonderful selves and be aware of our own physical power.

When we fully inhabit our bodies, we can fully inhabit our lives.

Thrive at Any Weight, Nancy Ellis-Ordway

My relationship with exercise/movement has evolved over the years. It used to be a form of punishment for eating too much or burning calories before eating a big meal.⠀

Since working on my relationship with food and my body, I’ve been able to find movement I enjoy. I’ve also been able to be consistent (most days/daily-ish 😀) with moving my body.⠀

Some of the reasons I enjoy daily-ish movement include…⠀
Handling stress better⠀
Improved mood – hello endorphins! 😊⠀
Less stiffness ⠀
Able to keep up with the kiddos ⠀
Increased heart and lung strength 🏃⠀

Ask yourself, what are the reasons you move your body or want to establish a daily-ish movement practice?⠀

I also had a lot of thoughts that got in the way of building a sustainable relationship with exercise/movement.

Do any of these sound familiar?⠀

  • Gotta get my steps in (as I’m pacing in my living room)⠀
  • It has to be at least 30 minutes, an hour is better⠀
  • If I didn’t sweat, it doesn’t count⠀
  • If I don’t have my step counter/apple watch on, why even bother?⠀
  • I have to burn off that brownie/cake/ice cream I ate last night⠀
  • It doesn’t count if it’s stretching, walking or less than 30/60 minutes⠀
  • Feel guilty if you miss a day

I’ve been working on my thoughts around exercise so these don’t pop up as much anymore.

Does having a fitness related goal work for you?

In my before-kids life, I trained for different long distance cycling and running events.

Sometimes I like to have some sort of goal to work towards that isn’t related to weight loss or changing the shape of my body.

Honestly, this is the first time since having kids that I’ve really set a fitness related goal, so it’s perfectly ok not to have a goal, but if it helps you then keep reading.

My most recent fitness related goal is running. The last long run I trained for was a half marathon and after I did that event I swore off running for many years.

The idea of starting to run again seemed so hard. I didn’t want to feel the discomfort of being out of breath and the thought of building up my cardiovascular strength seemed overwhelming.

Clearly, I had a lot of thoughts around running and they were stopping me from even starting. 😀

I did finally start and did my thought work. Here are some of the new thoughts that I practiced:

  • I’m capable of running 2 days a week.
  • I can start small and build my running capacity.
  • I will feel great afterwards.
  • I’ve done this before and succeeded

(Check out Tarah Keech if you need more help with thought work).

I found an awesome program that started small and incrementally increases and is totally manageable for someone that identifies as a non-runner 🏃‍♀️ I’m on week 3 of 6 of Ready, Get Set by Jessie Mundell.

The hardest part is getting started, so start small, like 5 minutes of something and celebrate that.

Moving your body can be a way to celebrate and enjoy what it can do.  You can challenge yourself with different types of exercise and feel more physically powerful, but it can also feel just as good to stretch your body every day and be more flexible. 

I encourage you to try to find some movement you enjoy that works for your current body.