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Bad Body Days

Bad Body Days

Healing your relationship with food and your body doesn’t mean that you never have those old dieting thoughts pop up or have a bad body day.  

Doing this work allows you to not buy into that story anymore and gives you space to make a new choice and not participate in those old behaviors.

It allows you to dig deeper to see what’s going on beneath the negative thoughts or need to control your food.

If you liked your body yesterday and then wake up today and think something is wrong, then doing this work allows you to realize that these are just thoughts and you don’t have to believe them.  

You can allow the negative thoughts without judging them and having them ruin your  day.  

You can remind yourself that you felt great in your body yesterday so what else might be going on with you?  It probably has nothing to do with your body and changing your body or restricting your food won’t actually solve the problem.

If you are ready to dig deeper to see what’s behind those negative thoughts about your body or you are tired of obsessing about food and your weight, then send me a message and let’s chat!